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Become a Subscriber

Please contact: Mrs P. Milnes, Lincolnshire Churches Trust, PO Box 10329, Grantham, NG31 0GZ


Advantages of becoming a subscriber, corporate or private individuals

  • You will receive regular news bulletins giving details of events being organised by the Trust
  • You will receive invitations to lectures and the Summer Party
  • You will receive information about grant awards
  • You will receive information regarding any changes in the Trust

Who is eligible to become a subscriber ?

  • Anyone can become a subscriber to the Trust
  • Church Committees of all Christian churches in the county of Lincolnshire

What does it cost ?

  •   Family Subscription £25 a year (minimum subscription)
  •    Single subscription £20 a year (minimum subscription)
  •    Parish Subscription £20 a year (minimum subscription)
  •    Life Subscription £250

What method of payment can be used ?

  • By cheque to the address above
  • By Banker’s Order, form to be sent to the address above

Tax Declaration ?

  • We can claim back the tax element, thus increasing your gift

Have you considered leaving a legacy in your will ?

  • Your solicitor will advise you of the correct procedure
  • A legacy payable to a charity is not subjected to Death Duty

Lincolnshire Churches Trust is a Registered Charity, number : 509021

You can download the LCT website subscription form here.


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