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The Trust

Patron H.R.H. The Prince of Wales , K.G.

President and Trustee Baroness Willoughby de Eresby , D.L.

Honorary Vice President The Lord Cormack , F.S.A. D.L.

Trustees Mrs Henrietta M.L. Reeve. D.L. (Chairman) Nevile Camamile, B.A., F.C.A.- (Hon. Treasurer) Mrs Linda Lord, BSc FCA. (Assistant Treasurer) Graham Cook (Hon Secretary, card and calendar sales) Jeffrey Couzens (Secretary Grants Committee) Mrs Mona M.L. Dickinson (Chairman Fund Raising Committee) Miss Jane Ford B.A. (Newsletter editor, Secretary Fundraising Committee) Mrs Penny Milnes B.A. (Subscriptions Secretary) Nicholas Ridley (Ride & Stride Organiser) Geoff Horsfall (Designer/Printer) The Reverend Michael Cartwright, William Cracroft-Eley, The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson, The Lord Bishop of Lincoln.


 Mrs Margaret Campion (Fund Raising Committee)

Dr The Hon, Christopher Brightman (Fund Raising Committee)

Aims and Objects To assist in the preservation and repair of churches and chapels in order to render them ` wind and watertight` , of Christian denominations within the area of benefit , which is to say “within the historical boundaries of Lincolnshire” , providing such buildings are at least 100 years old . We do not assist with repairs to redundant churches .


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