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How You Can Help

As a registered charity (No. 509021) the Lincolnshire Churches Trust depends upon voluntary support and we raise money by:

  • the Sponsored ‘Ride and Stride’ which is held across the County on the second Saturday in September;
  • Garden Openings – held mainly on Sunday afternoons between April and August;
  • Lectures on topical subjects which are held in Spring or Autumn each year;
  • having a go at the Art Competition;
  • purchasing Christmas Cards through “Cards for Good Causes” shops or direct from the Trust;
  • becoming a subscriber or making a donation;
  • providing a Legacy through your will.
  • taking part in or contributing to any of these activities you are making a positive statement by helping to preserve some of Lincolnshire`s finest and oldest churches that are now requiring urgent repair and restoration.

Keep up to date with regular news bulletins, events, invitations and information about the Trust.

Apply for a grant

Are you eligible for help from the Trust to help keep your building wind, watertight and safe for use?


Help us to repair and restore the magnificent churches across Lincolnshire by donating.