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Apply for a Grant

Criteria for grant aid from the Trust

Lincolnshire Churches Trust exists to help congregations with the essential task of keeping their building wind, watertight and safe for use. This means that the cost of re-roofing, replacing gutters, repairing windows and defective stonework, may all be eligible for grant aid. We are also prepared to assist, in certain circumstances, with the funding towards the provision of new facilities such as toilets and serveries.

Who can apply?

Any Christian church within the historic boundary of Lincolnshire. Current rules require the building to be at least 100 years old.

Does my church committee have to be a subscriber to the trust?

No, but this may influence our decision and we therefore strongly advise you to subscribe to the Trust and to take some part in the activities we promote for fundraising, to enable us to continue to help other churches. To do so is within the capability of even the smallest community as we know from experience.

How do I make an application?

By telephoning, emailing or writing to the secretary ( see contacts page ), or by using the downloads on this page. Telephoning can be beneficial, then we can discuss your project in detail and you can receive guidance where necessary.


We encourage anyone preparing to carry out work on their building requiring grant aid from us to telephone for advice early in their preparations. This can save precious time and also ensure that the correct steps are being taken in order for your application to succeed.

What happens next?

When an application is received by the secretary, a member of the Grants Committee may arrange a meeting with you at your church to discuss your application and view the proposed work . The Grants Secretary will prepare a detailed report to ensure that when the committee meets, each member of the committee will have a sound understanding of your project and will be able to make an informed decision.

How often and when does the Grants Committee meet?

The committee usually meets quarterly, in early March, June, September and December, but also at other times by arrangement or may deal with an urgent application by email.

How long before each meeting do I need to apply?

21 days will give us time to carry out the survey and prepare the information to put before the committee.

When will I know the decision taken at the meeting?

Formally , within a week or two but you can telephone the Secretary.

Where can I find more information?

Before submitting your application, please discuss it with the secretary as this could save you considerable time! Application forms and other documentation may be downloaded by clicking on the links below: Notes for applications Application form

Grants Committee Meetings

The dates on which the committee meets to consider Grant Applications are normally as follows:-March, June , September, December. Completed applications should be with the secretary 21 days prior to each meeting to guarantee consideration at that meeting.

Jeffrey Couzens, our Grants Secretary, will always encourage applicants to contact him, through the details given in the Contacts section this website, at as early a stage in their plans as possible for a discussion.


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2018 Advice to grants applicants

2018 Grant application form

LCT grants given 2011 to 2020


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Apply for a grant

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