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About Us

You will be aware that people travel from around the world to visit the beautiful towns and countryside of Lincolnshire. It will be no surprise to know that they also take in the splendour of our historic churches and chapels. Everyone expects the church to be there when they want it , but the cost of preserving even the fabric is often well beyond local means.

Churches and other places of worship in Lincolnshire have survived for centuries yet they quickly fall into decay if not properly maintained. The small communities in the diverse range of parishes cannot cope when their churches are faced with problems such as deathwatch beetle, rotting floors, crumbling masonry and other structural defects – both internal and external – brought about by natural causes.

As a result Lincolnshire Churches Trust was founded to help churches and chapels to be preserved and kept open for worship. Throughout Lincolnshire there are wonderful places of worship which are part of our heritage, and with your help they can be preserved. Our role is to raise the much needed funds which will be distributed in the form of grants. Most importantly, funds are distributed on a basis of need, irrespective of denomination.

Our work is carried out entirely on a voluntary basis thus keeping expenses to an absolute minimum. We give you our pledge that any help you give will be put to the best possible use.

Privacy Notice and Data Storage Policy

The information that you have supplied to us will be stored securely for subscriber purposes only.  Your name, address, telephone numbers and email address will only be used to contact you about Lincolnshire Churches Trust business and will not be passed on to a third party or other subscribers to the Trust.  Your bank details, from standing order forms and cheques, will not be kept or stored by the Trust.

Contact Methods

The Trust may contact you by post, phone, SMS or email with information about Lincolnshire Churches Trust or our events, unless you ask us not to use any of these specific methods to do so.

You may change your privacy preferences at any time by contacting the Hon. Secretary or Subscription Secretary with your request.


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