Friendly faces

Carving of manNot all the carvings in churches are of angels or gargoyles.  Some show the smiling faces of mediaeval folk who, maybe, were generous patrons and sponsors of the church.  Or perhaps they were just members of the sculptor’s family and friends. These two delightful faces belong on each side of the arch to the south door in Westborough Church of All Saints in the Loveden deanery. Despite the damage to his nose, which makes him look like an ex-boxer, the man has an unmistakable humorous expression as if he’s just heard the punchline of a good joke. His lady has lost even more of her nose, but smiles gently and kindly on those below. Carving of womanThe carvings are not much above head height, so the faces are easy to see. Does your church have some faces like these? If so, send a jpeg photograph and details of what and where the carving is, to, and we can feature some more of them on this page.     A couple of photos from Ashby Puerorum show a couple of rather glum people!   Photos courtesy of Geoff Horsfall

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