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Thank you to everyone who was involved in 2018’s Bike Ride & Stride, which took place on Saturday September 8th – whether you were helping to organise the event and persuading people to participate, or whether you actually took part and cycled or walked, enjoying our beautiful churches.  By taking part in the event you help us raise the much-needed funds to help preserve our County’s religious buildings, and the Bike Ride & Stride is the main fundraiser of the Lincolnshire Churches Trust.

Once again the weather was not at its best, but walkers and riders bravely set out and enjoyed their trips around the county, choosing which churches they visited.  The picture to the lower right shows a group from St Nicholas church, Newport, Lincoln, at All Saints, Monks Road, Lincoln.

The money raised is coming in but we are still a while off knowing the total raised.  However, we will do it again next year so, if you would like to be involved in future events, please contact Sarah Roberts on 07760 468052 or roberts.sarahm@gmail.com for further information.




The event is co-ordinated by Deanery Organisers, and we currently have several areas where there are no such volunteers – therefore the event is less well advertised in those areas, and the numbers taking part reduced.

The parts of the county where we are looking for volunteers are:- Axholme, Manlake (Scunthorpe), Yarborough (Brigg), Grimsby, Christianity (Lincoln) and Holland (Boston).  This means that we have no contacts in the north of the county.

Below is a description of what the role entails – it is not particularly onerous!  If you think you would like to help out in one of the areas then please contact Sarah Roberts on roberts.sarahm@gmail.com or Nicholas Ridley on 01476 550055.


  1. Contact all churches in your deanery.  The best contact is usually a church Warden but could also be PCC Secretary or the Vicar.  With luck you may have been given a list of contact details from your predecessor.  Useful details include name, address, phone number and email.  Check if they wish to be included in the list of open churches for the day.
  2. Paperwork will be delivered to you, as the Deanery Organiser, in early May, for onward delivery to the churches in your area – this will provide all you need with regard to advertising etc.
  3. Some months prior to the Ride and Stride in September, send out all the posters, leaflets, sponsor forms etc to all Parish Organisers in your deanery.  A covering letter, reminding the organiser to leave the church unlocked and provide refreshments if possible, is recommended.  Also encourage them to advertise the event in the Parish Magazine, local paper, local school etc.
  4. Some Deanery Organisers deliver the leaflets by hand, but this can take a long time and can be expensive on petrol. Royal mail is usually the cheaper option, particularly if time is a issue.
  5. Some weeks prior to the big day it can be useful to phone or email your contacts to remind them of the event, to make sure that posters have gone up, and offer any advice or help required.  Also to point out that the forms and cheques should be returned to the Deanery Organiser as soon as possible after the event.
  6. As the cheques arrive it is helpful to keep a list (or photocopy) of money and forms received.  Once it has all arrived, fill out the form and send, with cheques, to Sarah Roberts – before the end of October is preferred.
  7. It is always encouraging to send letters of thanks, with a total amount received, to all Parish Organisers.
  8. A yearly meeting of Deanery Organisers is arranged in February/March – which enables ideas to be exchanged and organisers to meet one another.



Sponsor form 2018

Poster 2018



Thank you to everyone who was involved in 2017’s Bike Ride and Stride ~ whether you were helping to organise the event, manning your church, or persuading others to take part, taking part yourself or even just sponsoring someone.  The event raised £23,756 last year, with half of the amount raised coming to the Trust, to be redistributed as grants to churches, and the other half being kept by the participating church, helping with their local fundraising.

For the 2017 event many of the participants commented on the varied weather.  Although it started fine and sunny, most got wet at some point, trying hard to dodge the showers!  However, the cyclists and walkers from Alford Group of churches were joined by 2 horses and their riders for part of the way, which they very much enjoyed and hope to repeat this year

One lady came across from Norfolk to enjoy the towers and spires of Lincolnshire, and the group from Fotherby Benefice sang hymns at the churches they visited.

The cyclists from Holy Cross, Boultham visited 17 churches (sadly not all open), but were greeted warmly at most, and were helped on their way by a fellow cyclist mending a puncture for them.  They also met several couples on tandems!  A couple cycling from Witham met a lady training for the Great Eastern Run and London Marathon ~ so it was a busy day for all.

The picture of Barry and Pam Lancaster and old car (above right) was taken outside Moulton Church on Ride and Stride day and was the winner of our 2017 photographic completion.  The prize was presented at the ride and Stride Organisers meeting in Woodhall Spa on Saturday 24th February this year.




The date for the 2018 event is Saturday September 8th.


In deciding where to travel for your Ride and Stride this year you might like to consider Long Bennington, where St Swithuns are commemorating the sacrifice made during World War I by local villagers with a display of knitted poppies around the church together with information about those from the village who served.  There is also information about Long Bennington as it was 100 years ago.  The church is open every day from 10am to 4pm and refreshments are being served on 7th, 8th and 9th September.

Long Bennington            St Swithun

You will also see, below, links to a map showing the deaneries and a downloadable list of visitable churches on the day.


LCT Visitable churches 2018 PRINT (1)

Deanery map_000459




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