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Nowhere else in the world are there so many magnificent churches in so small an area.

But somebody has to maintain them. Most parishes do their best, but many, especially the small ones, need encouragement and financial help. Lincolnshire Churches Trust was founded in 1952 by Lord Ancaster and Bishop Harland to preserve and protect our churches, it was then given the title of Lincolnshire Old Churches Trust and remained so until Autumn 2008. It is non-denominational, and will help any church or chapel which is over 100 years old. But we need more friends, more subscribers, more help, more support. In its first 50 years, the Trust made 1,157 grants to 495 different places of worship, totalling £1.5 million.

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BIKE RIDE AND STRIDE 2017 Thank you to everyone who was involved in 2017's Bike Ride and Stride ~ whether you were helping to organise the event, manning your church, or persuading others to take [...]


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